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Vinyl is a wonderful addition to your home with beautiful designer patterns, fun kid-friendly designs and easy maintenance.
Vinyl tile provides the look of ceramic, wood and slate, while maintaining the warmth, durability and easy cleaning of vinyl.
A Great Selection of Vinyl Flooring to Choose From

You cannot always protect your floor from spills and accidents but you can install flooring that’s resistant to them. Vinyl flooring is resilient and is very easy to maintain compared to other flooring.

Choose from hundreds of styles and types of vinyl plank, luxury vinyl, sheet goods, and more from Alltech Flooring & Cabinets to upgrade the look of your home.
You won’t have to worry about these little spills and drops once you’ve installed them.
Trust Us to Choose the Right Floor Product for Your Space
From kitchens to laundry rooms, you can install them in all kinds of rooms as they are made for rooms that are frequented often. You’ll also find it highly durable and cost-effective compared to others. It retains the temperature of the room and has beautiful depth and textures that’ll impress all who visit your home. Our vinyl floors are also pet friendly and easy to clean.